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MyCujoo - Play In Front Of The World

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Futera are excited to announce that All their official fixtures & matches will be broadcasted LIVE via the MyCujoo streaming platform.This exciting new feature will be added to the upcoming Futera Bangkok Girls Cup 2019. All teams, clubs, and association competing in this year's tournament will get a chance of a life-time to play in front of mass audiences through MyCujoo Live Streaming channel.

Mycujoo is a streaming platform that provides broadcasting of football matches and highlights from around the world. This year’s Futera Bangkok Girls Football Cup will be broadcast LIVE globally for the first-time ever via the ‘MyCujoo’ online platform. We will be joining the likes of the Brazilian Football Confederation, US Soccer, the Asian Football Confederation, the Football Association of Thailand, the Canadian Soccer Federation and Fluminense Football Club on this leading football streaming platform

How does MyCujoo work?

Mycujoo is a streaming platform that provides both live and on-demand broadcasting of football matches and highlights from around the world, it can be accessed by going to their website at . You can access the site through your laptop or computer, if you are using your smartphone it can be made even easier by downloading the MyCujoo App, available on both Google Play & the Apple Store. Once on the website you can choose between current LIVE matches, highlights from previous matches, or you can check the Match Calendar for upcoming events.

To find information about the Futera Bangkok Girls Cup 2019 you can simply find it by search Bangkok Girls Cup in the search bar. This will show all upcoming matches, current matches, previous matches and key highlights from the Bangkok Girls Cup. The links will also be regularly posted onto our social media when the matches take place.

The Benefits of MyCujoo!

The many features that come with MyCujoo and this year's Bangkok Girls Cup 2019 will be the ability of watching your very own replays, goals, and highlights as well as your family and friends being able to watch you compete LIVE via mycujoo! Not only will your matches be broadcasted to your family and friends, it will also be posted on the MyCujoo homepage with over 10 million potential viewer!

Your highlights will also be available on the MyCujoo page after the tournament with compilations of the best goals/tricks available for you to see. Using MyCujoo would help bring exposure to both the Futera Bangkok Girls Cup, all clubs/federations/academies involved and all stand-out individual players in the tournament. Futera Tournaments are happy to announce this collaboration.

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