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5 Reasons Not To Miss The 2020 Futera Futsal Bangkok Cup.

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

2020 is the year Futsal is Coming Home!

Futera Tournament's inaugural Futsal Competition is commencing on July 4th, 2020 and will take place in the South-East Asian Capital of Futsal, Bangkok! 24 different teams will be present for this exciting event. Here are 5 Reasons Not To Miss The Futera Futsal Bangkok Cup 2020 (FFBC 2020)!

1. Prestigious Futsal Clubs

The first of five good reasons why the FFBC 2020 can't be miss is that the nine-day long event will feature youth representative of some of Thailand's top futsal clubs such as Pathum Kongka School (Chonburi Bluewaves Futsal Club), Port Futsal Club, Bangkok Sports School, and Ratchwinit Bangkhen (Thammasat Young Blood Futsal Club).

2. The Venue

The Futera Futsal Bangkok Cup 2020 will be played at the Thammasat Futsal Arena, one of the world's leading futsal arena and will also be fully air-conditioned. The FFBC 2020 will be taking youth futsal to the next level by creating the opportunity for our young participants to experience what it feels like to be a professional futsal player!

3. Exclusive Bangkok Experience

Visiting teams will get the opportunity to partake in Futera Tournament's private sightseeing tours led by professional tour guides. They will get the chance to explore some of Bangkok's oldest temples such as Wat Po and Wat Arun as well as an intriguing boat journey through the Chao Phraya River. The tour will end in an organized lunch involving exquisite traditional Thai cuisine.

4. Live like a Pro

Fourthly, the Futera Futsal Bangkok Cup 2020 will follow this year event's motto of LIVE LIKE A PROFESSIONAL by providing an exemplary service whilst your time in Bangkok. In addition, stay at one of our partner accommodations during the tournament period and enjoy our exclusive tournament transportation to & from the airport, hotel, and stadium. The visiting teams can also request to have professional training sessions before the tournament, just like professionals teams would.

5. LIVE Broadcasting

Last but not least, all our official tournament fixtures will be broadcast and stream LIVE worldwide via Mycujoo platform. The Futera Futsal Bangkok Cup 2020 will be joining the likes of the Brazilian Football Confederation, the Asian Football Confederation, the Thai Football Association, the Canadian Soccer Association, US Soccer and Fluminense Football Club on this leading football (soccer) streaming platform.

So what are you waiting for book and reserve your spot in the Futera Futsal Bangkok Cup 2020 NOW!!

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