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Futera Bangkok Girls Cup 2019: An All Thai Affair

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Thai Teams Sweep The Competition Once Again

With the Futera Bangkok Girls Cup 2019 having drawn to a close last Friday, this year's competition once again saw Thai teams taking home the gold across all age categories. Following Last year's U-13 and U-16 tournaments, both of which have been won by Chonburi Sports School. This year Chonburi's unrivaled dominance came to an end as 3 different winners were announced for the 3 categories (U-16, U-14 & U-13)

First off, in the Under-16s category, Khon Kaen Sports School lifted the trophy after showcasing a sublime finals performance against the U-16 FootSkills Australia team.

The Under-16 Khon Kaen Sports School Team

As the only team representing the Isaan region in this age category, Khon Kaen ended the U-16's tournament with an undefeated record of 3 wins and 2 draws as well as picking up the U-16 category for MVP Of The Tournament Award (Sasithon Dima), the U-16 category for Best Defender of The Tournament Award (Wichuda Khwakutkhae), and the U-16 for category Coach Of The Tournament Award (Sasithon Leethong).


This year's Under-14s category was blown away by the force of last year's Champions, Chonburi Sports School. In a tournament featuring powerhouses such as Foot Skills Australia, Hong Kong Junior Football League and Khon Kaen, The Girls in Blue dominated the U14 category by winning all 6 of their tournament games, scoring 16 goals and conceding only 1 goal.

The U14 Chonburi Sports School Team

The U-14 Chonburi Sports School also dominated the individual awards, winning 4 of the 6 individual awards: the U14 category MVP Of The Tournament (Pichayatida Manowang), the U14 category Best Midfielder of The Tournament (Apiradee Ruenklinchan), the U14 category Best Defender of The Tournament (Worarat Nitin), and the U14 category Coach Of The Tournament (Coach Monrudee Junmai).


Lastly, the U13 category saw an entertaining local grudge between Chonburi Sports School and Bangkok Sports School battling it out for first place. Chonburi came into the tournament as strong favorites, however, Bangkok Sports School's passion and resilience proved too strong as they defeated the U13 Futera Bangkok Girls Cup 2018 Champion twice, in the double legged finals.

The U13 Bangkok Sports School Team

The U13 team representing the host nation's capital further captivated the tournament's officials earning themselves three individual awards: the U13 MVP Of The Tournament (Saengdao Promrak), the U13 Best Goalkeeper of The Tournament (Patchareerat Thanomwong), and the U13 Coach Of The Tournament (Coach Pairoj Saykeaw).

Finishing off the Futera Bangkok Girls Cup 2019 event, the Tournament Director, Mr. Mark Watson, along with two former Thailand national team players Mr. Pisal Rumrai and Mr. Sujja Siriket gave thanks to the participants and closed the week long tournament.


We hope that all participants gained an unforgettable experience from this year's Futera Bangkok Girls Cup.

As this competition aims to be a milestone in the development and preparation of young female footballers wanting to compete at a professional level it does not matter whether you win or lose, it is how you, as an individual, learn from your experience and use that to increase your skillset and mentality ... ultimately furthering your career in the game.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back for next year's tournament.'

- Mark Watson (Tournament Director)

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