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'Unearth Traditions'

Unearth traditions

A Holistic, Cultural Experience

• Visits to Wat Pho and the Reclining Buddha - one of Bangkok's oldest & largest temple complexes


• Opportunity to experience a Thai Massage and gain insights on its origin (presented by the Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School)


• Discover new flavours of Thai cuisine and gastronomy


• Explore the ancient traditions and crafts of the Thai culture

• All official fixtures will be LIVE Streamed via mycujoo

Wat Pho

Temple of the Reclining Buddha

The temple is first on the list of six temples in Thailand classed as the highest grade of the first-class royal temples.

It is associated with King Rama I who rebuilt the temple complex on an earlier temple site and became his main temple where some of his ashes are enshrined. The temple is considered the earliest centre for public education in Thailand, and the marble illustrations and inscriptions placed in the temple for public instructions has been recognised by UNESCO.

Wat Pho is also known as the birthplace of traditional Thai massage which is still taught and practiced at the temple.

Temple of Dawn

Wat Arun

The temple derives its name from the Hindu god Aruna and is among the best known of Thailand's landmark.

The temple had existed since at least the seventeenth century but restored later in the early nineteenth century during the reign of King Rama II.

This picturesque temple is also depicted on the 10 baht coins.


Take a boat ride along the iconic Chaopraya River

Chao Phraya River is the major river in Thailand, with its low alluvial plain forming the centre of the country. It flows through Bangkok and then into the Gulf of Thailand.

The name Chao Phraya River is often translated as the river of kings.

Rub Aroon Cafe

Thai traditional gastronomy

A boutique cafe across the street from Wat Pho serving Thai street food with recipes dating two generations back!

If you can think of a Thai dish this place can make it!

LIVE Streaming

All official fixtures will be LIVE streamed via mycujoo

All official fixture of the tournament will be LIVE streamed on mycujoo site that is broadcasted around the world.

We will be joining the likes of the Brazilian Football Confederation, US Soccer, the Asian Football Confederation, the Football Association of Thailand, Fluminese Football Club, and the Canadian Soccer Association on this leading football (soccer) streaming


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