Welcome to the FUTERA FUTSAL BANGKOK CUP 2020 taking place in Bangkok, Thailand during July 2020. This year’s competition will be the inaugural futsal tournament in Bangkok, and we are looking forward to welcoming some of the best futsal talents from around the globe.


The Futera Futsal Cup 2020 tournament will feature the best local youth futsal clubs from top teams such as Chonburi Bluewave Futsal Club, Port Futsal FC, Thammasat Stallions Futsal Club, and Bangkok Sports School.

Experience what it takes to become & how it feels to be an elite youth futsal player.



• Tournament is a Tier 3 AFC Sanctioned International Youth Tournament.

• 3 categories offered being u13s, u14s, u16s.

• Each age category tournament is max 8 teams.


• Teams will play minimum 5 games over the 3 day


• Pre-Tournament Training & Friendly games are organised for Visiting teams as part of the package provided

• 5 different packages are provided as options for all
Visiting teams.


• After confirming entry, we will provide you with an initial draft itinerary including recommended flight dates.

• It is important that all traveling teams understand what costs are associated with each package chosen. We have listed all costs involved in our Package Options within this Info Pack.




• Max 8 teams per age category being approx 4 Visiting teams and 4 Thai teams.
• A maximum of 16 players, minimum of 10 players per squad can be registered for each Category.
• All games will consist of two 18 minute halves. (Finals will be two 20-minute halves)
• Each team will play a minimum of 5 games over 3-days tournament.
• Pre-tournament warm up games & training are included in Packages provided.


Trophies will be awarded to each age category winner and medals for every participating team.

In addition, individual awards will also be presented to outstanding players in various categories.



Check out all the amazing Cultural Experiences that are included in every package.

*Some activities and tours are not included in the package and must be booked at an additional cost in advance

Boys Under 13s Tournament

Boys must be born in 2007 or after to play in this age group

Boys Under 14s Tournament

Boys must be born in 2006 or after to play in this age group

Boys Under 16s Tournament

Boys must be born in 2004 or after to play in this age group

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